5 of the Biggest Insights I’ve learned in My Work as a Performance Lifestyle Advisor

In 15 years as a lifestyle-based, performance coach, what are some of the biggest insights I’ve learned?

Here they are…

  1. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, as long as you don’t have enough time and space to renew your personal energy, you will struggle with constant fatigue that undermines everything.
  2. It’s essential to understand energy better, learn how to and maintain a bigger balance of energy than you’re spending.
  3. Once you have a balance of energy to work with, you can now manage your personal energy in a skilled way, only now, proactively, instead of reactively, so that you have the energy you need when you need it.
  4. This “position of strength” enables you to periodize your energy use in a productive way that is structured flexible, and sustainable.
  5. To sustain energy you must come to terms with your present situation, what it really means to focus and have enough support.

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What Everybody Ought to Know About Meditation and Stress

Do you meditate?

If you want to thrive and live with a high level of success and happiness, but you’re not meditating, I’ve got some news for you. You’re missing one big key to the kingdom.

If you’re reading this article, here in Health Science, you’ve probably had some powerful experiences of inner peace already. Moments when your mind went quiet, your soul settled down, and you lived life from a deeper center.

But let’s be honest. For someone who may be striving for a higher level of achievement and fulfillment in their life, flashes of peace aren’t enough for you to live into your full potential. Stress tends to have its way with us, distract and hold us back, especially when we get tired and our thinking goes awry.

You might have influence and authority, you may even be rich, but without the ability to center your mind, focus your being, and sink into stillness, you’re missing the secret sauce that at once relieves stress, while enabling you to live from a position of strength no matter what’s going on in your life.


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A Personal Story About Fatigue Part II – The Rise of PERC

I often ask…

Have you ever wondered WHY, even though you’re currently on a fitness program and currently eating “healthy” foods for your well-being, maybe even getting that “extra hour” of sleep here and there, you’re still run down, tired and all-out exhausted beyond belief at the end of the day?

I did. Matter of fact, I was well into the development of Performance Lifestyle, training and coaching clients all over the world, and I was still asking that question. It left me mind boggled as to why I was doing so much to optimize my lifestyle, yet I was still seemingly tired all the time.

First I thought, it was just the state of modern day affairs. With technology and all, maybe it was just the new status quo and there was no completely successful solution to this epidemic of low-grade fatigue and tiredness so many people are experiencing today.

Don’t get me wrong, with performance lifestyle training, my life and the lives of thousands of people have improved for the better in dramatic ways for all kinds of reasons. It’s just the top-of-mind problem people experience that we wanted to solve when developing this idea, was to help people increase their naturally occurring energy and overcome fatigue.

Well, the big wake up call was when I realized, it doesn’t matter what I/you do to make a living.

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A Personal Story About Fatigue Part I

In the late 80’s and 90’s; I went from being a gym owner, trainer, and health seminar speaker, to becoming an Internet entrepreneur. For ten long and relentless years, my lifestyle underwent a radical transformation in the wrong direction and unfortunately so did my body.

I started the decade fit, vital, and strong; I ended overwhelmed, exhausted, and overweight even though I knew volumes about nutrition and fitness. The pace of my work life far outpaced my ability to take care of myself. Living with a chronic energy deficit led to overeating and inactivity, an inability to perform well, and health complications.

Despite eating relatively “healthy” and exercising fairly regularly I remained on a “downward trend,” fatigued, and progressively more overweight. Week after week, I contemplated how I would change my life – but I kept moving forward tirelessly – over-engaging and taking on more and more to overcome what I thought were “motivational,” or “psychological” issues, (well maybe there was some of that) but wasn’t.

I had everything going on but was barely hanging on, either far too busy or just too worn out to make the changes I knew needed to be made but couldn’t quite put my finger on. I was keeping commitments to everyone, but myself. I felt stuck. I spiraled down and eventually couldn’t take it anymore.

At 30 years old, I was fat, fatigued, and burnt-out and given my prior career experience that was hard to accept. It wasn’t until the dot-com crash of 2000 eventually lead to my personal crash late that same year, when I finally said enough; “it’s time for a better way.” I needed to set up a lifestyle that was balanced and healthy, amidst the high-achieving life I tended to live.

That was my first real bout with burnout, and it’s consequences, and it would not be my last.

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Why You Experience Constant Fatigue

Have you ever wondered WHY, even though you’re currently on a fitness program and currently eating “healthy” foods for your well-being, maybe even getting that “extra hour” of sleep here and there, you’re still run downtiredfrustrated, and all-out exhausted beyond belief at the end of the day?

Ever sat down and really thought about all the things you’re doing for your health, that are supposed to make you more productive, have more energy, and enjoy every second life has to offer? Then end up asking yourself, “If I’m doing all of this, then why in the hell am I so overwhelmed and tired all the time?”

Do you sometimes feel like you’re doing everything in your power to stay in motion, to stay healthy, to be successful in your professional and your personal life, and to ultimately be ecstatically happy… But for some reason, a reason you can’t quite put your finger on, you sometimes feel like you’re barely hanging on, with a small sampling of the personal energy you once had?

Do you sometimes dread waking up the next day to have to do it all over again, even if you like what you’re doing?

Ever feel like you don’t know what to do next to change course?

If you answered Yes to any of the above, then, I’ve got some bad news for you…

You’re likely steeped in personal energy debt.

Chances are you’ve worked hard to be as successful as you are today. Maybe you’ve achieved more than you thought you ever would, in both your business life AND in your personal life – maybe many times over.

And, chances are, you’ve been worn down, even during some of your strongest hours… only to have to pick yourself up over, and over again to keep going.

You’ve always made a strong comeback, every single time because you’re a winner… even if you haven’t achieved some of the goals you think about…

“Blood, Sweat, and Tears” is your silent but driving mantra…

You live and die by this very phrase. And you’re proud of it, as you should be…

But here’s the bad news…

Even though you make a strong comeback, each time you’re worn down, you become increasingly tired with each successive round. Tiredness becomes ‘distress,’ and this low grade ‘distress’ transforms into what most people think of as “burnout,” because they’ve been overspending your personal energy for far too long, and they’re now in what’s called “personal energy debt.”

In debt, you fall into the never ending cycle of picking yourself up to give it another go – time after time again, but you never solve the real problem.

…and “most people” descend into this downward trend or spiral because of one or more of the following reasons:

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Got Energy?

Got Energy?

Not just the kind of energy you get from food, or that’s generated in your cells as a result of your mitochondria; I’m talking about the source of that currency of life you know is there, but you can’t see or touch or in many cases even measure. It’s vital. And frankly, it’s not 100% explainable. Not, not just by me, but by not even the top scientists in the world can fully explain it.

Heck, even the Chinese, including all the masters, can’t fully explain “Chi,” but their five-thousand-year old culture knows it’s there. Tai Chi, Qi Gong are built on it.

You definitetly have some of it, but do you have enough of it? It’s vital that you do.

If you were to search Wikipedia on “vitalism”—the theory that the origin and phenomena of life are dependent on a vital principle distinct from purely chemical or physical forces, you would learn that it’s a discredited scientific hypothesis. You would also learn that despite being widely accepted within the mainstream scientific community, vitalism is no longer considered to be an adequate or complete description of reality.

Well, no one said that vital energy, was a “complete description of reality,” but a rather large part, to-say-the-least, yes.

That said, although rejected by modern science, [2] Vitalism has a long history in medical philosophies: and most traditional healing practices posit that disease results from some imbalance in vital forces.

Again, and I love the healing traditions, but sometimes they take things a bit too far. Energy imbalances are surely a part of the disease equation, but wholly responsible, no. There are food and nutrition, including sun and water, air quality, environmental quality, physical fitness, emotional fitness and psychological strength and so much more that go into disease states and more positively, human performance.

It’s why ISHAR (by Deepak Chopra’s Chopra Foundation) is there to not only explain Integrative Studies but to present the mountains of evidence so that time-tested and proven ideas like the vital principle can be weighted fairly. And that means the evidence that goes beyond purely chemical or physical forces.

Just ask an athlete, if their performance is based only on chemical or physical forces alone. Miss one night or even have one bad night of sleep ahead of a competition, and despite even the most rigorously planned and measured diet and exercise program, she’ll can be rendered relatively powerless compared to the competition.

It’s why Pete Carroll of the Super Bowl Seattle Seahawks said, “Sleep is a weapon, a key pillar to improving health and performance.

What is THAT energy?

It’s vital, and it can only be measured, practically by energy output, via wattage, like when a cyclist measures their power output. There are also some new and unique vital energy imaging tools out there, measuring the biofield, sure, but the word is still out on what’s learned from the results and how you can apply it in your life.

But neither of those measurement tools is needed to dramatically improve your vital power, your personal energy or personal power (the energy that powers your person).

Want to know the difference between something that’s alive and something that isn’t alive or isn’t alive anymore? It’s the vital energy that powers the cells. A dead person has cells, but no more power. And of course, inanimate objects, like rocks, don’t have cells.

This observation above is basic, yet it’s a profound and powerful one.

When you don’t have enough vital energy, everything in your life becomes just a little less alive, less animated until you eventually burn out usually by wearing your body out.

With every overexertion, you cease to function a little bit more and your

  1. Attitude suffers.
  2. Work suffers.
  3. The quality of life suffers.

And your relationships with your partner, your friends, and your family also suffer. Frankly, everything suffers because everything in your life depends on your energy, including your health, let alone your performance.

Life becomes a struggle, when you have to eat and drink your way through the day to keep going, to engage in extreme work ethic and more just to stimulate yourself.

Gone is that naturally occurring energy you once took for granted.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to go through life like that anymore.

The truth is, you have access to unlimited amounts of energy available to you on tap if you know how to access it. And it will give rise to every possible life-enhancing state of mind and high-performing emotion you can imagine from purpose to passion.

I have dedicated the last 13 years of my life to discovering this “vital energy” that a lot of people are talking about but few know how “to talk about” and not as an end in and of itself, which it is not.

I’ve discovered this source of renewable personal power that will enable you to live your life from a position of strength, as part of a fully integrated, balanced (regarding skills) and healthy (a given) “performance lifestyle” that acknowledges where you’re true power originates.

It did so as a sort of a “reluctant hero-type,”  for a variety of reasons. I was so driven and my life as a result, so unmanageable, I was suffering from constant fatigue. So I had to chip away at this over many years to ground myself in what was real. So this has been a quest of mine, since my teens, to understand this at the level that could transform not only my life but others as well.

I wanted to know, not only the physical science-based knowledge about personal energy but the non-physical studies that too often get overlooked because the scientific men can’t measure it. It is arguably more important and far more influential than the physical science itself.

This inquiry has meant years of reviewing countless books, reviewing the scientific literature, working with world-class sleep doctors and athletic coaches. Also, discussions with Ivy League researchers and, with an open-mind an emphasis on direct experience, and searching out the integrative yet non-mainstream studies (now becoming mainstream) such as on consciousness, flow, meditation, relaxation, meditation, Qigong and more.

And if there is anything that I would guarantee that will transform your life, without any question, it is personal (vital) energy renewal. Nothing compares and everything depends on it.

This has all been to provide a model for lifestyle design, based in what will enable you to overcome fatigue and increase your vital energy levels.

Yes, we get into nutrition and fitness and in a way that will help you maximize your energy levels. Sleep too; as this is foundational to any energy management solution; but in PERC, we also take the veil off of what has been one of the unknown subjects in the history of humankind.

Why has energy been so misunderstood? Well, it’s because it’s been too tied up with spirituality, alternative pseudoscience and talked down by scientists simply because it’s an inconvenient truth for their work that they can’t fully qualify.

But no longer is this the case. Science is coming around. The recent Sages and Scientists conference by the Chopra Foundation is proof of that.  The insights you’ll learn will make you respect and want to prioritize your sleep and more like never before.

So what do you need to learn to leave the recent you, who is feeling fatigued and exhausted and now start performing, looking and feeling like the much younger person you once were?

And how can you go from fatigued to filled with the vital energy you need to succeed every day?

That’s what my team and I will show you, and not through an overwhelming dump of information that sucks up even more of your power just to get through.

We will deliver the perfect combination of insight, education and application.

At the end of the day, that’s what’s going to work for you. Not shiny objects and science alone, it’s going to be what will plays out right in your life.

So if you’ve been struggling with fatigue, feeling tired all the time, have been misdiagnosed with adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia or a virus

Or, even if you’re already pretty darn healthy and looking for an advanced, cutting-edge, science-backed practice to take your energy, and subsequently your health and performance, not just to the next level but a whole new tier of human experience

Then you need the PERC. 

But first I want you to get connected with a 100% free webinar training from me, John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM,” founder of Performance Lifestyle, Inc.

It’s JAM-packed, (literally) with a complete understanding of the points I make above and so much more so that you understand the problem and can implement the solution.

It is 100% free and loaded with powerful strategies that are going to help you overcome fatigue and start building the foundation for a mind, body, and spirit filled with vital energy.

Oh, and one thing I need to you keep in mind; this isn’t the same old, keep-you-stuck type of stuff (what you’ll come to know as Tier 1 solutions) that leave you chasing your tail with information and ideas even the experts teaching them struggle with. Believe me, to borrow a phrase from Jake Steinfeld, “I’ve seen a lot famous people naked and they’ve got nothing on you.” 

Even the experts struggle with the litany of incomplete and tactical diet and exercise ideas devoid of the real juice such as telling you to sleep more, eat more veggies, cut your carbs, eliminate sugar, take supplements, etc. most of which are marketing-based, not science-based, let alone a complete solution.

PERC is based on the powerful and practical new science that meditators, athletes and other high performing people have been using for decades but has never-before-been-assembled for those who may not be into sports, the sciences or what is ultimately the key to it all – grounding in the ultimate source of energy that will blow your mind and dramatically, increase your energy.

What to Do About Nighttime Eating and Insomnia

One of the biggest challenges facing today’s driven business professionals—entrepreneurs, executives, and managers, let alone people in general, is the demand to be “on” all the time. Nighttime eating and insomnia, a seemingly innocuous binge on food and technology to cope with the effects of this daily overexertion at the end of the day is a result, and it’s taking its toll.

Unexpected deadlines pop up, from the CEO to the Soccer Mom (and sometimes these are the same people). Our interconnected world means working with people all over the world and international client calls have to happen. Presentations have to get finished so the next day’s sales can be made and the only way you can get it all done is to work later into the evening.

Then, just as you wrap up at maybe 10:00 or 11:00, maybe even the stroke of midnight (or later), you finally get a chance to eat and eat you do; making up for all the food you didn’t eat during the day.

You then, collapse into bed with a full stomach, only to lie there wide awake, your body digesting, your mind racing, and unable to fall asleep as you steadily face what feels like an increasing tsunami of fatigue that can make you yawn so intensely, if you didn’t know better, you would think an alien was going to come out of your chest. Or, perhaps you fall right to sleep only to wake up in 2 hours in the same situation.

Stress can be a great performance enhancer. But the stress of working so intensely and too late into the evening to boot comes at a cost and that cost is coping with food, wine, and TV to buffer your oncoming fatigue, which is really intense energy recovery… resulting in insomnia at the end of the day.

Stress now turns into distress.

You would think that because you have tired yourself out and built up a high level of fatigue, you would fall right asleep, but it just doesn’t happen.

Frankly you’re too tired to fall asleep. It happens, and it’s because extreme fatigue (energy recovery) is uncomfortable.

You’re left proverbially counting sheep as you stare at the ceiling, and ironically, feel the urge to turn on Netflix, YouTube or other, maybe resolve even more tasks for tomorrow and it could mean hours of continued insomnia when you really want to be asleep.

All of this is caused by a combination of several factors including the high levels of stress hormones still in your system, the exposure to the blue light emitted from your laptop and the house lights, and your active problem-solving mind being stuck in overdrive.

Trumping all of the above is simply the fact that you have over-exerted during the day and for too long, you need time to buffer and it just doesn’t jive with your schedule. You need to be asleep at this time to wake up at least remotely refreshed and you just can’t.
But it’s just a little nighttime eating and insomnia right?

Well, this seemingly innocuous problem is not as harmless as you think.

Truthfully, it could be one of the biggest performance and productivity killing, health destroying, quality of life annihilating patterns in your life that causes low energy, weight gain and poor health, and gives rise to poor decision making… that can compromise your career, your business etc and debit your longevity

So what do you do about end of day eating and insomnia?

Here are some go-to strategies for when you absolutely need to work late into the evening is critical for optimizing your performance and getting the performance-enhancing sleep you need.

So what do you do about end of day eating and insomnia?

Here are some go-to strategies for when you absolutely need to work late into the evening is critical for optimizing your performance and getting the performance-enhancing sleep you need. Here are a few to try:

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Your Source of Renewable Personal Power

All of us at Performance Lifestyle hold one thing to be absolutely true—there is an inexhaustible source of energy that can renew your personal power over and over again. It gives us the power to create a truly extraordinary life largely of our choosing.

It’s at the foundation of who we really are, it’s actually easy to say that it is what we are, before thought pure intelligent energy. It’s giving rise to you, and all that you do and create right now and always.

Athletes, especially extreme athletes who depend on living “in the zone” or “in flow” have tapped into this source because they can’t afford to have paralysis by analysis at critical moments where indecision is a matter of life and death.

This access to an unlimited energy source, might sound ethereal to you right now, but it’s not in reality.

This is the secret to motivation and it is hidden in plain sight, well “insight,” because you can’t see or touch this energy, you can only renew it, balance your use of it, manage it, optimize your use of it, and focus it.

You are it.

It’s why in a performance lifestyle you need and want to get reconnected to your source of renewable personal power.

Technically, you never got divorced from it, but separated, most likely.

Today, people rely on coffee, extreme work ethic, drama, energy drinks, exercise, constant foods consumption (even healthy food) and more to stimulate this energy, but in the process, and it’s wearing their bodies our prematurely.

It’s why they are either feeling tired all the time, constantly fatigued if they are not moving, or simply without the natural surges of energy they’ve relied on earlier in life for those breakthrough periods of life as they live at in a chronically low grade fatigue state.

It’s why depression has risen to epic levels in the past 25 years.

For some reason, a reason we can’t quite put our finger on, we seem to have lost that spark, that vitality, that personal power to create and live the life we want. Instead we are prone to getting stuck in a gear we can’t get out of, especially when we’re tired and fatigued.

The energy surges we naturally relied on seem fewer and much farther apart as we can tend to feel like the lifeblood is being sucked right out of us in our relentlessly busy life.

And it is. If you are living on this planet in 2016 as a goal or success driven individual with a family, a career or business you run, and any aspirations to go beyond that in a recreational pursuit such as athletics or the arts or sciences— you run the risk of extreme tiredness, fatigue and premature burnout.  

With technology where it’s at, driving the way it is; personal energy it’s renewal and management is the primary requirement to live the extraordinary life we all have the ability to live today with quality is life, and not debit our longevity due to burnout.

This is why in a Performance Lifestyle that is both strategically balanced and healthy, by virtue of the fact that those of us living for performance become aware of and employ more lifestyle skills than the average person trying to live a “healthy” lifestyle ever does; we put especially high emphasis on renewing our personal energy so we can maintain the personal power to create that we love so much and never want to lose for long.

I can tell you that I do not enjoy life nearly as much when I feel constantly tired. I don’t mind being tired, or getting tired. But when it becomes constant, life can really sucks.

So in our upcoming course. PERC we are going to teach you the mechanics of personal energy renewal.

It’s not about relying on sleep alone anymore. That used to be enough along with even relatively sound nutrition and fitness; all are important but today we are aware of how to actually renew manage our energy proactively and it includes, but is by far not limited too, sleep, nutrition and fitness. Today the gaps have been filled and the context of a healthy, performance lifestyle has come clear.

Today we need this edge, because living outside our optimal energy range, we are all subject to consequences that are affecting us personally and many of us are attributing these effects to ourselves; we’re taking it personally as if something was wrong with us that we can’t keep going non stop 18 hours per day. 

Many challenges arise in our lives when we simply don’t have the personal power we once had to create anew and worse, when we can’t seem to get our energy back for one reason or another and it leaves you unmotivated. The secret to motivation is hidden in plain experience.

In PERC you can. In 60 days or less, we’re going to help you do just that.

In Performance Lifestyle training you deep dive into the lifestyle skills that ensure you live from the position of strength, but in PERC you will learn now to regain that strength.

We’re going to take you on a direct path that will get you out of the personal energy debt that is undermining your attempts to get and stay healthy, function and perform at the levels needed to achieve the higher levels of success you aspire to in whatever array of roles you play in life, from soccer mom to CEO.

It all starts with tapping the access you have always had to unlimited energy but weren’t really aware of to take advantage of proactively. You’ll learn how to renew, balance, manage, optimize and focus this access to energy too, which is soon-to-be “personal energy.”

Join us for a free webinar — How To Actually Stop Feeling Fatigued All The Time And Get Your Energy Back In 60 days or Less.

Live like a pro.




Are Your Debiting Your Longevity Prematurely?

Personal Energy is a fascinating subject. Energy is driving everything including your success; and, whether you achieve and sustain your success in a balanced and healthy way. If not you are debiting your longevity prematurely.

There is a legitimate balanced and healthy approach to achieving your ultimate goals in life, business and potentially a sport. It’s found when you take a healthy performance approach to living, and are both aware and educated on performance lifestyle principles, practices and strategy.

The classic mode of living out of balance and unhealthy to achieve success causes distress that most people pass off as the effects aging when it’s not; and it will no doubt drive you into the ground slowly, prematurely and cause struggle all along the way.

Here at Performance Lifestyle Inc., we are committed the former not the latter.

What’s so interesting about personal energy is that you can “easily” delude yourself about how much of it you actually have and this diminishes your personal power— you capacity to create the extraordinary life you want. 

Too many people today “debit their longevity” for short term performance gains. They seemingly recover from their chronic overexertion and unhealthy life and workstyle practices, and from time to time feel pretty good. But what they don’t see is the longer term cost their body including their brain.

When I / you ask people how they’re doing, they’ll say “great,” as if any other answer would be to admit weakness. To them that is not going to happen so they keep the cover up going.

But that cover up, is debiting their longevity. It’s most likely what is happening to many driven, high-performing, high-achieving people like you and me, who run the risk of weakening our bodies because we’re making claims about living a full capacity at the cost of our health, which no one else can see.

But you and me, we know better. Inside we don’t feel like we’re at full capacity. Each year, maybe each month, we feel a little less strong and eventually is does show. I know, it’s happened to me.

Now we all get older, sure, and over time our capacities are going to diminish. But for many of us, especially the driven among us, it’s happening at a faster pace than we want.

And it’s simply because we’re not renewing our personal energy in the way we need to, given, the demands on us in modern life.

It’s one of the core reasons why Performance Lifestyle Inc., is launching a new webinar called – How To Actually Stop Feeling Fatigued All The Time And Get Your Energy Back In 60 days or Less.

It’s not for the weak, it’s for the people who are strong because they can admit when they are feeling run down without it being a vulnerability. It’s for people who want to be stronger, to perform, look and feel like the younger person they recall not too far back.

This is what I wanted to, and it’s why I am leading the charge.

I’ve experience what happens when you put the PERC principles and practices into play in a strategy that works well for your life.

I can’t wait to share this transformational information with you free, next week.

It’s time to get smarter about personal energy.

Reserve your seat today.

Live Like a Pro!

The Biggest Secret to Motivation Is Hidden in Plain Experience

It’s been said, “the way we’re living and working isn’t working.” 

We know this as a result of understanding human motivation better; presenteeism is taking over absenteeism as the greatest bane on human performance and productivity. What this means is than we show up, but don’t or can’t really “show up.”

Translation: We’re simply spending too much energy each day, not recuperating enough and this directly affects our ability to function and perform sustainably “well” as moms and dads, career professionals, partners, business owners, amateur athletes, students etc. And if we do show up in a tired state based on sheer will and coffee, we end up debiting our longevity due to overexertion, lack of recovery and healing and the toll it takes on wearing out the body.

When you have a sense of feeling tired all the time or not being the personally powerful person you remember yourself to be, it’s not because you’re not motivated; it’s because you’re only partially motivated.

You’re body is missing the vital energy that gives it its strength.

Most people don’t realize that our recuperative needs are even greater and more immediate than our food and fitness needs.

That’s why personal energy renewal, including but not limited to sleep, rest and recovery… represents the core of a Performance Lifestyle management approach to achieving success, sustainably and quality of life.

When you learn personal energy renewal, as core to a lifestyle that supports you and what you’re up to in your life, you’ll get the psychic permission you need to care for your recuperative needs in ways you never have before — and you’ll begin learning how to do it strategically, systematically, and efficiently.

One of the KEY ways athletes optimize their lives to meet their goals is by effectively balancing their energy expenditures with recuperation and trust me, that’s just the the beginning; the most basic understanding of personal energy you’ll need to manage your energy, like a pro.

And considering just that one idea alone, there are nuances about it, which if you don’t understand, will leave you living still, the status quo. 

But most of us don’t live everyday with even that advantage. We live at a significant disadvantage — paying heavy interest on a growing energy debt as we overspend our energy each day. 

As a result, we lose health, productivity, quality of life, and personal performance. We lose brainpower and resilience despite all the motivational programs you’ve signed up for that are supposed to leave you successful and ecstatically happy. 

Without enough personal energy, your motivation will wane and this is the biggest secrets to sustained motivation and it’s hidden in plain site.

But, just as athletes do, you CAN learn to apply thought, planning, and skill to the process of balancing the amount of energy you generate with the amount of energy you re-generate and go way beyond that to boot. 

We’ll start you on this path in our our upcoming webinar. “How To Actually Stop Feeling Fatigued All The Time And Really Get Your Energy Back In 60 days.”

For starters…

  • How to avoid the three biggest mistakes most people make, that keeps them tired all the time
  • How nutrition and fitness alone will not help you to overcome exhaustion and fatigue
  • How to identify the key areas in your life that are causing energy drain
  • The two key principles you need to know that will change how you manage your energy forever
  • Access to a simple, yet powerful strategy to go from fatigued today to healthier, happier and more productive in as little as 60 days

 These are all the questions I’ll be answering on our upcoming webinar “How To Actually Stop Feeling Fatigued All The Time And Really Get Your Energy Back In 60 days.” 

We’ll keep you posted in the coming days.

If you want to learn more about PERC ahead the webinar, you can click on the link below. Seating and access to the course will be limited in the fall, so if this is important to you, stay tuned and or get signed up sooner than later.

I have an audio interview on the page that explains it pretty well.

Live Like a Pro,

John Allen Mollenhauer 

PS: That’s more than just a sound-good salutation. It actually means something in a Performance Lifestyle. 😉 Keep it in mind.