Work-Life Balance

We’ve all heard about work-life balance—prioritizing between “work” (career and ambition) and “lifestyle” (health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development/meditation)— but while a useful concept, this lifestyle choice also sets up an impractical duality.

Today, with access to more information and opportunity than at any other time in history, and the loss of traditional boundaries, we are mostly “working” all the time.

So we need to take time out to take care of our “Self,” our body and life, which needs to happen in the way athletes do it—all the time, just in time, for the right amount of time, in the ways we need, at the level we need as best as possible.

Knowing how to get all your needs met in the process of performing and serving in the world, not in retreat from it, becomes the new definition of “balance.”

And that art starts with being grounded in the unshakable absolute; the big Self, not our busy little energy-draining brains that can lead us to live caught up with so much going on we’re barely hanging in.

Live in that spiraling mind, and the experienced of “balance” is fleeting at best.

Meditation along with a lifestyle strategy that has all the essential skills to live in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind, while achieving our goals, is vital.

So, how do we create a lifestyle that balances worldly achievement with the inner fortitude we all want to maintain? I think you’ll agree, a life that’s richly lived includes both.

To answer that question, it helps to embrace the new idea of whole life performance; where you’ve got the balanced integration of meditation and spiritual (not religious), or simply Self development with the lifestyle skills to navigate the world and from that authentic posture. This ultimate foundation makes resilient living possible as you gain the right relationship with your mind and the brain that directs it. Also, direct access to the unlimited source of renewable energy we depend on to stay both healthy and productive.

Meditation is not just one of those lifestyle skills; it’s the universal life practice that enables you to practice all others from the very best part of yourself.

Meditation clears your mind, sources the vital energy you need to function and perform well, even in the middle of a busy day, simply by being still, relaxing, paying attention and having no relationship to the content of consciousness—the stream of thoughts of any kind we can simply let go.

From this grounded place, we can also contemplate—and mindfully, with presence, choose to engage with thoughts and actions that make sense.

Meditation is the practice that immediately awakens you to the primary source of wellbeing and confidence we long for yet we’ve always had. We were never divorced from it, but for many of us, we’ve gotten separated.

Meditation may start for us as a spiritual or stress management practice; but if you give yourself enough time to awaken, it becomes your natural posture to life itself and the secret sauce maintaining a foundation for balance in your life.

The rest is both science and an art and it’s the result of not just one, but the array of lifestyle skills you’ll learn and connect the dots around in Performance Lifestyle training.

Using Holiday time to Ready and Prepare Yourself

We hope you are having a great Thanksgiving Day Weekend and enjoying the relatively slower pace that the nation resorts to during this holiday in particular.

By far, Thanksgiving’s a favorite holiday indeed, probably because it creates a five-day weekend essentially without all the pressure of buying presents, ceremonies and the like.

It’s a holiday of harvesting, cooking, eating, and sharing with gratitude and resting. It’s also a transformative festival that sets us up for the final stretch of the year, which is not known to be as tranquil.

It’s all how you play it.

In Performance Lifestyle’s training, also known as PL365, an approach to life that uses the metaphor of athletics to guide one’s way of life as an essential characteristic; knowing where you are in the year, anticipating what’s ahead and being proactive, so you’re ready and prepared is important.

Performance Lifestyle is rooted in the premise that we are always preparing for events in our life, similar to how athletes approach the “peaking” for the events they play in throughout the year.

Well, it turns out Thanksgiving is a perfectly postured 3-5 day weekend to rest and recover, reflect on the year past and contemplate the year ahead.

One thing we want is to use this opportune moment wisely. What you don’t want to do, is let this simply be a holiday weekend where you’re stuffing your face, eating leftovers and engaging in merely shopping and watching football games.

All fun things to do no doubt, to some degree; but is your purpose in life bigger than your need for mere entertainment?

What are you up to, and what needs to be accomplished so that you end this year, resolved and evolved, ready to achieve your goals in 2017, even if what you need to accomplish is just getting more rest.

That is what separates the pro from the amateur year-end. Yes, healthy high-achieving people enjoy the holidays, but we find the balance between getting immersed in the festivities and taking care of ourselves, our bodies and our lives while preparing for the year ahead.

That cannot wait until January 1st. If you do wait to close out the year properly, those who are ready will be off to a much stronger and faster start in the New Year, than you. You’ll not only feel that, but you’ll still be recovering from the Holidays and I’m confident that you’ll be feeling that too.

So, to start the year fast, you’ve got to finish the current year strong, to borrow a term from a mentor, Gary Ryan Blair who runs the 100 Day Challenge, which I highly suggest you participate in for at least the first quarter of 2017.

We use this during all four quarters of the year. We’ll mention this again end of December.

To finish the year strong:

1.     Make sure you get lots of rest during the final month of this year. That means to take advantage of the holidays as a preparatory period for the New Year. Don’t just exhaust yourself and then have to recover in January.

2.     Reflect on the year past, contemplate what happened in the year past, where you need to improve and how that will occur in 2017.

3.     Clarify that one resolution you’ll make, that one key accomplishment or achievement in 2017, which once completed, will help resolve many others issues in your life so that you have greater focus, not diluted focus.

4.     Finish the year’s activities, ideally with 1-2 weeks to spare and shift into a different mode, don’t worry, the New Year will be plenty busy. This break will make you more intentional during the rest of November and the first half of December.

5.     Be grateful for everything. In the spirit of this Thanksgiving Weekend, have gratitude for everything that’s happened in the past year, and before it, and what will happen from this moment forward so you have your best year ever.

As my friend and optimal living mentor Brian Johnson communicated when reviewing an insightful book, ” It’s all good mental training.”

The Myth of Motivation Part Two

What’s can seem like a cruel joke at times, is the epic irony of energy.

It’s the perplexing reality that we feel good when we’re spending energy, not so good when we’re recuperating it.

That irony is a dilemma my friends; as it can sell most of us short in life if we are not aware. It may be why we spend so much time trying to motivate ourselves in every way short of what will truly motivate us with relative consistently. That is, learning how to harness and proactively maintain optimal energy levels.

Today, we’re living under the grand delusion that we can keep going each day, and take on more and more of what the market throws at us. On top of life and career, we now have Facebook, which deserves it’s own mention, iPhones and Androids, which give us unprecedented access to information and opportunity to stimulate ourselves and keep going in the face of our tiredness.
The result is we get more and more fatigued.

Besides the obvious coffee and energy drink markets, “motivation or psychology” itself, in the way the market sells it, is to a stimulant today. We listen to people to pump us up through all variety of useful and insightful ideas that will keep us going. Through our toughest periods, we seek stories highlighting heroics that inspire us to keep going; some of which are downright inspiring indeed, and potentially necessary in a cloudy situation.

Inspired thinking is essential to motivation but is only part of the equation.

When it comes down to it, if you’re tired, meaning running low on vital energy; unless you’re faced with an emergency and or a motive that is so compelling, chances are even with all the inspiring stories and insights in mind, you’ll likely to procrastinate until you feel more “up” to it; when you have a surge of energy to drive you through.

The exceptions to that natural pattern that may drive you forward, even in a state of exhaustion or fatigue, are…

  1. To avoid a negative consequence, you can’t live with, or
  2. Being faced with a rare opportunity in plain sight, to achieve a positive outcome that you just can’t resist or avoid taking.

I’m not criticizing motivational speakers as this is a useful service. I do my share of it and enjoy it. It’s also why I tend to talk about motivational ideas in the context of lifestyle. It’s for the very reasons I am talking about in this post series; divorced from the energy to act, motivational thinking only goes so far.

I actually refer to motivational talks more as inspiration, because only a person can zero in on the real motives that are driving them dynamically; and more importantly, only the individual can take the steps to reenergize their body/mind to act on such motives, which is real-world motivation.

Taking the steps to re-energize one’s body-mind is the vital but often missing piece in the realm of motivation and it’s why this post calls attention to The Myth of Motivation—Psychology can’t cover up fatigue. If thought is not attached to proactively renewing your personal energy and power, it’s hard to stay motivated.

It’s why the core messages in a Performance Lifestyle are about…
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You Are an Athlete Part 4


Performance Lifestyle [PL] Essentials is a direct path, a plan and a system providing all the key insights you need to be proficient at living an energy-rich, fully engaged yet balanced lifestyle that supports what you’re up to in your life and career. It’s essentially what a professional “elite” athlete has working-for-them in their lives that give them the energy, high-level health, and performance that can outpace and out succeed almost any other population on the planet.

It starts with learning the secret science of optimal energy or what we refer to as Performance Living 101 and then mastering the 12 lifestyle skills you need to know to perform, look and feel like a pro in what we call PL365.

The combination of this essential “hub and spoke” approach to living a performance lifestyle you can call your own will enable you to transform your lifestyle and change your life for the better forever.

Unlike other emerging training on this all-encompassing topic of Performance Living, in which most are just beginning to explore and connect the untapped areas of the lifestyle equation; Performance Living 101 digs deep into the subject so many people are talking about, but so few know how to “talk” about first before the lifestyle equation even comes into play. That is the science of optimal energy.

That is the science of optimal energy. 

It’s secret, literally, because most professionals don’t even know it let alone the people they serve. They are so hell bent on addressing your symptoms with pseudo-science, you never actually learn how to solve the top of mind problem of tiredness and fatigue that more than 50% of the population suffers. It’s the #1 reason why people visit the doctor.

If that’s true, then you know it’s affecting their wellbeing, health, and performance.

So you need to learn Performance Living 101, first. It’s how to harness optimal energy in your life at a quantum and cellular level first. When you do, you’ll then find out how to maintain it at the lifestyle level. The fact that most people do not know the science is why they’re all over the map when it comes to their lifestyle and relying on sustainability and longevity-killing tactics to keep going.

This science is the key to optimizing the way you live for more personal energy and the power to create the desired results you want in your life.

Simply put, it’s like getting into business; but before you get into the “business,” getting to know what business you’re in. And optimizing the way you live for high-level health and performance starts with knowing how to harness optimal energy levels. And you won’t ket alone “can’t (one of the few times where that word makes sense) do that effectively until you understand the science simplified.

Once you know this, that’s when performance lifestyle management, comes in. Once you know what energy is, where it comes from and how to harness it, now you’re ready to maintain your energy; and you need the lifestyle skills that will help you manage stress through your life, successfully.

In PL365 you’ll unearth the exciting and opportune insights across the broad yet still the essential range of subjects that form a “balanced” lifestyle approach. The experience of “balance” is the result of your breadth and depth of lifestyle skills, not anything else.

Energized by Performance Living 101 and now empowered with a diverse-yet-synergistic approach to whole, human performance, you will soon have the never-before-assembled lifestyle formula to resolve the hidden lifestyle challenges that distract and hold you back. You’ll know how to move forward and evolve from a position of strength in your life and career and achieve even your most ambitious goals while living in balance, with vibrant health and peace of mind.

You’ll know how to move forward and evolve from a position of strength in your life and career and achieve even your most ambitious goals while living in balance, with vibrant health and peace of mind.
The net effect of which will leave you with the most innovative strategy for uplevel your personal and professional path of success.

Performance Living [PL] 101

You will:

  • Get out of energy Debt–the hidden variable that undermines all health and success initiatives.
  • Tap into the unlimited supply of energy and learn how to embody as much of it as possible.
  • Sync up with the natural cycles that are affecting your energy levels whether you know it or not.
  • Learn how to turn overwhelm and fatigue into renewable personal power, the way athletes have learned to do it—even if you’re not a sports or fitness buff.
  • Gain mastery, not weight, of the key methods for getting your energy back so you’re ready to fully engage with life.
  • Start fueling your body in such a way as to experience your peak energy at it’s best.
  • Train your body so you are fit, for the personal power, you’ll soon have access to.
  • Direct your energy, in ways the underly the best success strategies.

Performance Lifestyle [PL} 365

  • Immerse yourself in coherent principles and practices that optimize all the basic fundamentals of successful living.
  • Deeply integrate the 12 essential keys to a high-performance life that’s fully-engaged, whole, and balanced.
  • Turn trouble spots into areas of ease and vitality.
  • Streamline, simplify, and structure.
  • Get every aspect of lifestyle working for you—innately, as second nature as breathing.
  • Gain a mindset and a skillset that enables you to be fully engaged in the world, truly focused, and at the top of your game.
  • Achieve even your most ambitious goals in life, business with your health and well-being intact.

The best thing about a Performance Lifestyle is that in a very short time, it brings together an entire integrated suite of attributes, best practices, learnings, applications and lifestyle changes that could otherwise take a very long time to master.

Many people spend 10, 20, 30 years learning how to eat, or meditate, or figure out their life purpose—the core, burning ambition that drives them to do everything else.

But if you spent decades years on each of those things—and all the other life areas you need to handle in order to optimize yourself for full-capacity living—it would take well over 100 years!

What’s more, it would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in education and training—and the lost time in trial-and-error detours.

A Performance Lifestyle is robust and comprehensive—but it doesn’t make more out of things than they need to be.

Instead, it streamlines and simplifies the process of living a radiantly healthy, enviably successful life.

It boils down the essentials and delivers them in a context that is whole, makes sense, and powerfully inspires you to engage them.

This entire wholistic set of essentials can be something takes years or even decades to learn and truly embody. It took lifestyle and fitness expert and Coach John Allen Mollenhauer at least 25 years—through study, teaching, experimentation, and his own experience as an athlete and business owner.

John Allen Mollenhauer is a lifestyle entrepreneur, certified trainer, certified nutritionist, former bodybuilder, and author/co-author of several books including The Curse of the Capable (with Harvard psychology instructor Arthur P. Ciaramicoli PhD and foreword by Super Bowl MVP Phil Simms). He passionately promotes a vital, unique path to achieving your highest goals in life, business or sport—with superior health and well-being intact.

For more than two decades, through his own practice, research and inquiry and teaching/coaching hundreds of others, John has been identifying and refining the 12 essential fundamentals of a lifestyle that delivers high performance with balance, vibrant health and peace of mind.

Today, he and his team support, inspire, train, and educate achievers to unleash the full potential of their lifestyles—the way professional athletes do—to look, feel and perform brilliantly.

You can integrate these fundamentals in under a year.

But you’ll feel the difference immediately.

We’re so confident of that, we offer a guarantee.  If in 30 days of Performance Lifestyle training you don’t feel you’re already on track to living a radically upleveled life in which your vibrant health and well-being are serving your deepest purpose, we’ll offer you a full money back guarantee. We simply ask that you prove it doesn’t work and you’ll find this is part of your training.

This is the life you’ve known deep down is possible—but that has eluded you until now.

You’ll no longer be held back from your goals, your dreams or life itself back by stress, lack of endurance or stamina, energy deficits, sleep issues, negative psychology, insufficient support, lack of balance, or unclear expectations or purpose.

You’ll be charging on every cylinder, with every part of life and your health working in seamless and harmonious concert.

You’ll know your goals and your game with crystal clarity. And you’ll know how to plan, perform, and achieve—with ease and full confidence, health, and peace of mind.


You, an Athlete?

You, an athlete?

Calling all athletes… Yes, you. Who did you think? Stop laughing — you’ll snort coffee all over the paper.

You may not be able to give yourself a nickname or talk about your last race time, but you can declare yourself an athlete — whatever your waist size, bowling average or how much you’d really rather be snoozing; and maybe you should snoozing if you’re fatigued.

Establishing an athletes identity — of any ability — makes it more likely you’ll not only “get enough sleep, eat healthy, keep exercising and live a “healthy lifestyle,” say some experts; it’s also more likely your brain will judge you on what you do and how you do it, not merely on how you look, which some would argue is a road to happiness.

This expert (the one writing this) says it will inspire you to take your life and style of living it to a whole new level. A level that enables you to achieve even your most ambitious goals while living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind; but not in the way most of us of been taught.

Think of it as the Lifestyle equivalent of “You are what you eat.”

“There is a process of forming an identity as an athlete,” explains Diane Whaley, associate professor of sport and exercise psychology at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education.

“Getting some training, buying the clothes, learning the lingo, eating and hanging out with other participants in a chosen activity or sport makes you more likely to participate in that sport and improve your whole life in the process.

For example; recently my step-son, who identifies more as an Xbox Pro than a lacrosse player (let alone someone who is into exercise, fitness or training) got a hold of a lacrosse uniform and a magazine promoting lacrosse gear, and now he’s started getting into the sport. He’s going to practices, and now he’s beginning to live like a lacrosse player paying more attention to how he eats and sleeps because now he has events to prepare for and his friends are doing the same.

It’s transformational and it works for adults too. I have seen it countless times.

Once you form that athlete-identity mentally, it is more likely that you will come up with strategies to participate in a fitness activity, maybe even participate a sport or another performing art over time.

Having the athlete identity translates into the proactive behavior of thinking and living better than you ever have before in your everyday life.

As the founder of Performance Lifestyle, Inc I was originally inspired by the athletic experiences I’d had earlier in life; the basic lifestyle mindset and skillset I maintained as an athlete and have continued to maintain to overcome challenges and turn my dreams into reality.

Fast forward, after years of expanding, developing and refining this the mindset and skills set inspired by that experience, I can tell you that living with the identity of an athlete has the power to truly transform how you approach life; in a way that traditional wellness, health and fitness training simply falls short of.

In particular, it’s the way that getting “well,  “healthy” and “fit,” are often seen “as the goal,” divorced from the life, business or sporting goals that will compel a person to make such changes.

I think it’s one of the reasons why Crossfit became such a successful franchise. Members don’t just show up to train, they often train for the Crossfit Games or in an environment where at least some are. it’s an environment where an athletic lifestyle (mindset and skillset) is learned and lived.

The fact that a person is not well, healthy and fit is a matter of lifestyle, the unresolved life circumstances that are at play in a person’s life, and usually, the lack of needed lifestyle guidance to support the desired results in that persons’ life.

And without a clear link between a person’s lifestyle and their desired results that person has little motivation to sustain changes in their lifestyle. They’ll just eat and drink whatever, sleep whenever, exercise if ever and stay caught up with life forever.

I mean who lives better unless there’s a compelling reason and enough energy to do so?

Which is why the lifestyle mindset and skillset of an athlete is the key to personal and professional transformation.

The sheer act of adopting a new worldview with an approach to preparing for the events in your life— a lacrosse game, a 5k run, life with a new child, the presentation you need to give at your next corporate meeting or wanting to keep up with the younger generations, in as great a capacity as possible— with the mindset and the skills set of an elite athlete you’ll live a more balanced lifestyle (in terms of skills), healthier, with more energy to perform, look and feel your best.

Enter “Performance Lifestyle” and Living Like a Pro.

Performance Lifestyle is an idea that was originally coined in the world of elite athletics where it emerged as a personalized support service designed to enable an athlete’s sporting and non-sporting lives to work together and complement each other, for the benefit of the individual, their sporting performance, health, and wellbeing.

I quickly saw how this idea could help driven, goal and success-oriented people develop lifestyle’s that supported the levels of energy, health and performance they needed to succeed in their life. Just like a Professional athlete. The reason was simple, driven people are susceptible, just like I was and still am, to the hidden lifestyle challenges that distract and hold us back.

In today’s all-out exhausting way of life, everyday people are living more demanding and intensive lives than most elite athletes do who have structured lives and lots of support to do what they do. The more support athletes have, the better they perform. And the admired way they look and feel is a natural byproduct, not the goal.

So why couldn’t that apply to people where aren’t elite athletes? 

It could, it has and it will for you.

Challenges such as, feeling tired and constant fatigue and the myriad of complications these depleted conditions give rise to in our lives from poor eating to lack of exercise to emotional and focus issues that detract us from achieving our goals and living with the quality of life we want can all be overcome with Performance Lifestyle support.

That is, lifestyle support for people up to big things in their lives, such a growing a family, rising in a career, starting a business and excelling in it all. 

When you approach any and all of these endeavors with the lifestyle mindset and skillset that professional athletes have and that other healthy high achieving people in the performing arts often share (thinks dancers, singers etc), transformation happens.

It doesn’t matter you’re into sports (the arts) or even at fitness enthusiast at the present moment in your life. When you shift to a lifestyle mindset and skillset focused on achieving a performance goal, everything changes.

Eventually, for some sooner than later, it also opens the door to a level of awakening and thriving that most people only dream of. The “zone” and “flow” become the norm, no longer a mystery. And it can happen to you when you begin performance lifestyle training and start approach life with a mindset and skillset similar to a professional athlete.

There are reasons why top athletes perform so well, look and feel so good. They live for performance and have the balanced and healthy lifestyle skill set that ensures it. To live otherwise is not the norm, but an exception.

And it all starts by beginning to think a little different about yourself, so you can begin to approach things in a better way.

The reason we are so passionate about this is because “athletes” are typically the only subset of the population that directly link their lifestyle to their success. And who doesn’t want to be more successful in ways that we individually value and aspire to?

If that’s true for you, you are an athlete.

See You, Are an Athlete Part 1. >