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Optimizing Your Lifestyle For Energy

Performance Lifestyle is the lifestyle approach to maximizing personal energy and work/life performance by understanding the science of optimal energy and creating an environment that promotes health and supports success.  First developed to support elite athletes in reaching their sporting goals by helping them get free of the distractions that were holding them back; John […]

What You Can Learn From the Best Quarterback Ever.

This is an article by By Mark Van Deusen of Whoop—Enhancing your performance lifestyle. Automatically. It’s a great article highlighting what arguably (and it’s not a tough argument) the greatest quarterback ever does to stay at the top of his game at 39 with the potential to play at that top until he’s 45! It’s a great article […]

Are You Living in Energy Debt Here at the Start of 2017

Things are going great; it’s the New Year or any given week for that matter. You’re feeling awesome, productive, rolling. You feel like you’re the epitome of fluid, forward movement. Then, things start to slow down. The workout consistency starts experiencing longer than usual intervals, decision-making slows, anxiety increases, your out-of-the- gate productivity of the year, […]

What Denver Broncos Coach Kubiak’s Sudden Retirement Can Teach Us About Lifestyle

My good friend and associate Shawn Phillips, a pioneer in fields of performance lifestyle, and known as the Philosopher of FIT (focused intensity training) penned an amazing article on the implications of Coach Kubiak’s recent retirement as head coach of the Denver Broncos. It’s revealing, to say the least, and leaves us wondering what might […]

The Rise of a New Lifestyle Part 2

 Lifestyle Optimization Most players in the wellness, health and performance spaces focus on just one element of lifestyle — like meditation, nutrition or fitness — but here at Performance Lifestyle Inc, we offer a “science-based, integrative view of the whole lifestyle,” with opportunities to have a deeply human connection with our team, trainers and coaches. The […]

The Rise of a New Lifestyle Part 1

After years of working with achievers, there is one thing that holds true. With rare exception, every one of the entrepreneurs, business professionals, business owners, executives or managers that we have worked with, ALL wanted to have more personal energy, and more time to get their energy back after intense outputs of life force. That […]