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A Personal Story About Fatigue Part I

In the late 80’s and 90’s; I went from being a gym owner, trainer, and health seminar speaker, to becoming an Internet entrepreneur. For ten long and relentless years, my lifestyle underwent a radical transformation in the wrong direction and unfortunately so did my body. I started the decade fit, vital, and strong; I ended overwhelmed, […]

Why You Experience Constant Fatigue

Have you ever wondered WHY, even though you’re currently on a fitness program and currently eating “healthy” foods for your well-being, maybe even getting that “extra hour” of sleep here and there, you’re still run down, tired, frustrated, and all-out exhausted beyond belief at the end of the day? Ever sat down and really thought about all the things you’re doing for your health, that are supposed […]

Got Energy?

Got Energy? Not just the kind of energy you get from food, or that’s generated in your cells as a result of your mitochondria; I’m talking about the source of that currency of life you know is there, but you can’t see or touch or in many cases even measure. It’s vital. And frankly, it’s not 100% explainable. Not, […]

What to Do About Nighttime Eating and Insomnia

One of the biggest challenges facing today’s driven business professionals—entrepreneurs, executives, and managers, let alone people in general, is the demand to be “on” all the time. Nighttime eating and insomnia, a seemingly innocuous binge on food and technology to cope with the effects of this daily overexertion at the end of the day is a result, […]

Are Your Debiting Your Longevity Prematurely?

Personal Energy is a fascinating subject. Energy is driving everything including your success; and, whether you achieve and sustain your success in a balanced and healthy way. If not you are debiting your longevity prematurely. There is a legitimate balanced and healthy approach to achieving your ultimate goals in life, business and potentially a sport. […]

The Biggest Secret to Motivation Is Hidden in Plain Experience

It’s been said, “the way we’re living and working isn’t working.”  We know this as a result of understanding human motivation better; presenteeism is taking over absenteeism as the greatest bane on human performance and productivity. What this means is than we show up, but don’t or can’t really “show up.” Translation: We’re simply spending […]