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You, an Athlete? Part 2

Historically, there’s only been one subset of the population who has learned to apply the power of lifestyle to their specialized, high-level goals—while nurturing superior levels of flowing, unencumbered, and directed physical performance. That population segment is athletes—and while many of them could improve too, most still have something that most of us don’t.

Performance Addiction

With the emphasis on wealth and beauty fitness etc in today’s society, it’s not surprising that many people demand too much of themselves. For some people, this “do it all” drive is actually addictive — a phenomenon that’s known as “performance addiction.” Those who suffer from it believe that perfecting appearance and achieving status will secure […]

The Evolution of Performance Training

Evolution has had its way with everything since the beginning of time, and the evolution of performance training is no exception. Performance training is moving away from tactics-only methods for inducing a person or an organization of people to be more productive at almost any cost and toward enabling individuals and whole cultures with strategic lifestyle-based performance plans. […]

Stress is Made Worse by Low Energy and Not Enough Money

Performance Living 101, the precursor to living a balanced and healthy performance lifestyle, says… you don’t want to be distracted and held back by hidden challenges created by your own lifestyle. In a Performance Lifestyle, we master the lifestyle mindset and skill set to achieve our real goals in life and business… it’s about waking up to […]