Tom Brady Goes to Bed at 8:30 PM, Here’s Why.

Here at PerformanceLifestyle we often draw from the inspiration of sports, where the idea of living “performance lifestyle” was born, because athletes often exemplify lifestyle best even if they’ve never been performance lifestyle trained. Their culture reinforces an approach to life that promotes health to a certain extent and yields performance. They are also relatable and the visible subset of the population that directly links their lifestyle with their success.

As a former competitive athlete turned worn down tech entrepreneur when I discovered the idea, it prompted me to begin to apply my previous ways of life as an athlete to my life as a business and family man. I wanted to improve my energy, health, and performance, which were lagging big time at the time. I have since taken the approach to a whole new tier of understanding and application.

In addition to thinking and living like an athlete, Performance Lifestyle draws on the science of evolutionary biology, bioenergetics, biophysics and seasonal variation at the core of the lifestyle, to reveal the secrets of optimal energy. As well, the science, principles and best practices across every aspect of the lifestyle that enables people to live in balance, with vibrant health and peace of mind.

Today I share these insights with driven, goal and success-oriented people or those that want to be, around the world; those who may not be into sports or even fitness enthusiasts but no longer want to be tired all the time, and want to perform, look and feel better too.

Which brings up Tom Brady.

Needless to say, the greatest quarterback of all time, is in the news a lot lately and for good reason. He is the leading player in the greatest comeback in Superbowl history. What an amazing game!

In addition to being the first quarterback to win 5 Superbowl rings and win 4 Superbowl MVP’s, the most of any player, Tom Brady is in the news because of how he stays so strong and at his best, despite being 39. This is an age almost unheard of for an NFL player in peak form; let alone one that wants to keep his starting position for years to come.

Brady isn’t aging as much as he is evolving, and it is not by happenstance as reported by the Breacher Report

As he says it, he see’s so many players on the decline and doesn’t believe that he has to physically decline in the same way. He just doesn’t believe that’s how it needs to be. He talks about it here. Go to minute 10:15 for the start of this segment.

The insight here is that he doesn’t believe in the decline, despite the fact that it will happen. He just doesn’t have to egg it on. It’s the primary reason why he get’s to bed early.

Tom Brady himself says, “I do go to bed very early because I’m up very early. I think that the decisions that I make always center around performance enhancement.”  

The thing is, 8:30 is not early! When you think about sleep, not from the standpoint of our modern day, work-till-you-drop world, but from an evolutionary standpoint, living in alignment with your biology and respecting bioenergetics– how you restore energy, 8:30 may even be late.

So don’t drop your jaw at Tom Brady’s practice; it’s shared by the best performing people in the world both in sport and out of sport

Rest. Win. Repeat. 

He even has his own sleepwear line to enhance his recovery. We love the whole idea of rest, win, repeat. Here at PerformanceLifestyle, even though we did not coin this particular phrase, Under Armour did, it’s at the core of our philosophy no doubt.

Proactive recovery, for people who spend a lot of energy (more than you actually realize), is extremely important. It’s the name of the game if you are playing to win in everyday life, without driving yourself into the ground as so many business professionals, business owners, executives, and managers with families, in particular, do throughout all seasons of the year.

And it works if you want more energy. Matter of fact, it’s the only thing that works short and longer term.

So how much sleep are you getting and do you know why you really need to be building your whole life, around sleep, and not the other way around? 

In the coming month, we’re going to reveal these answers and teach you why Regenerating Your Life Force is the most powerful skill you can practice to enhance your own performance as a person, as a professional as a parent, as an athlete.

You are an athlete.

President Donald J. Trump Is Tired

After a full life to date (and no one can say Donald J Trump has been sitting around), more than a year of virtually non-stop campaigning, and now the transition to the US Presidency and, a tendency to sleep no more than 4-6 hours a night (and that be liberal by most accounts); our President is tired. This should not be a question. How could he not be?

This should not be a question. How could he not be?

This is not just true of just Trump. It would be true of any President coming off of 1-2 years of campaigning, making a transition to power and then governing. More on this below.

“But he’s indefatigable, and works tirelessly,” you think; just look at how much energy he has! A drug-addicted burnout stimulated on cocaine has lots of so-called “energy” as well. Stimulants have a way of doing that but at great cost to the body and one’s brain function in the process.

To quote an associate who will go nameless, who is a Ph.D. and very skilled, at one time in her life she said…

“I knew I was tired, but what I didn’t realize then was that I was a lot more than just tired; my body was exhausted and breaking down around me.  My thoughts were racing all the time so it took a lot of effort to focus them on doing my work.  Restorative sleep was a distant memory. Taking time away was out of the question. I began withdrawing from personal relationships; I was just too tired.  Any suggestion that I take care of myself or take the time to relax just felt like one more thing I did not have the energy to do. My focus narrowed to what I felt I had to get done. The consequences of my not getting absolutely everything done right seemed enormous – when only one of my responsibilities carried serious consequences if I withdrew from my responsibilities.”

The fact is, there is no one who is indefatigable, or who works tirelessly, even those like Donald Trump who boast about sleeping for only 4 + hours a day. Foor even for those hours, he is forced to sleep. Sleep is a not only a necessity, it will be forced upon you if you don’t respect it, and in extreme cases, if you push it too far, you won’t be waking up.

Just think for yourself for a moment when you have your worse impulse control around what you say, how you eat, over all your behaviors.

Is it ever after a good night sleep, a 3-day weekend or a vacation? Rarely. It’s when you’re tired.

Talk to enlightened masters and they will tell you when their tired is the toughest time period for holding the position of no mind, or direct awakening because the organism’s brain will force sleep and a protective position.

“Trump’s worst impulse control is when he’s tired or overstretched,” tweeted New York Times political correspondent Maggie Haberman, who has been covering the newly inaugurated President for over a year.

Haberman’s observations about a sleep-deprived Trump are backed up by science, as well: a person who spends 17–19 hours awake performs tasks as if they’re tipsy, with the equivalent of a blood alcohol level of 0.05, according to an article by the McKinsey group in 2016 outlining the link between effective leadership and sleep.

A person who wakes up at 6 a.m. and goes to sleep at 2 a.m. has the performance equivalent of someone with a blood alcohol level of 0.1%, which, as the piece notes, is over the threshold for being legally drunk in the U.S.

Bill Clinton’s who fumbled the last two years of his Presidency, came right out and said… “I thought most of the major errors I made in my life, both political and personal, were made when I was too tired. “ I’m sure there are many other President’s with this underlying narrative and this is no different for Donald J. Trump.

There is a reason why Obama could not maintain the level of communications he maintained with the public during his first campaign, into his first years in the White House. It’s because he was tired and he needed to govern.

Not a post on the science, this is a post on common sense and some thought leadership. So, we would like you to consider this common human experience.

You are feeling good. Well, rested and you are on a role. You’re in the zone, flowing beautifully. Accomplishing tasks like they were dominoes. You’re feeling great about yourself, powerful and more confident than ever. You even brag a bit to friends or colleagues who are intrigued about your poise and productivity, about how well you’re taking care of yourself.

Then, after not too much time has gone by, you feel it. The fatigue starts building. Not to be outdone by a mere feeling affecting your stream of ease, you push it. You don’t slow down for that yellow light or the many yellow lights that follow. In just-in-time fashion, you put the pedal to the metal and keep going.

Why? Because you think you must, especially now that you’ve just established some fresh reputation with those around you.

When it starts getting hard to deal with, stopping is not an option, because you’d have to face your true condition which is bat-shit crazy tired. It doesn’t look like on the outside, but you feel it on the inside. The only remedy is to push with extreme work ethic.

That is the drug, that is the stimulant that keeps you feeling ok, never really allowing your body catch up with your ambition. It burns our bodies out and breaks them down. You know that, but you attempt to cover it up. How long? Who knows.

This is what Donald Trump is doing and he’s in the throes of it while running the United States and influencing the free world. What the consequences of this will be we don’t know, but a lot of very smart people have it on their mind as we witness a man with seemingly thin-skinned impulses, and erratic emotions occupy our nation’s top executive office.

This is troublesome, and it would be regardless of political biases or stance. It also models the addiction to performance that is so prevalent in our society.

As the founder of Performance Lifestyle, Inc., as an entrepreneur for more than 30 years, I know a thing or two about burnout and what this experience is like spiritually, mentally and emotionally and physically. It’s in part due to the relentless demand for our time and energy, with the breakdown of natural boundaries, access to so much information and opportunity, technology, and the dramatic increase in complexity and response-ability that is now required from us on just so many fronts.

Now if you’re the President of the United States and you don’t have a handle on your lifestyle, that stress can multiply; even if you have 400,000 working for you in your administration, have billions in the bank and cabinet.

Suffering the consequences of that ever-potential situation in our present-day lives, was the primary reason why Performance Lifestyle was created. It’s why we borrowed a page from the world of elite athletics, arguably the best-performing people in the world and we’ve built this integral approach to living on the best lifestyle practices, including the best science you must know if you’re going to avoid living tired all the time and exhausted.

The conclusion was and still is, the cost of exhaustion is simply too high; on you, the people around you, your family, your business and the highest office in the land. We hope that Trump finds his stride and does not intend to attempt four, let alone the potential of eight years at this pace, especially at his age. The costs to him and the US could be big.

What You Can Learn From the Best Quarterback Ever.

This is an article by By Mark Van Deusen of Whoop—Enhancing your performance lifestyle. Automatically.

It’s a great article highlighting what arguably (and it’s not a tough argument) the greatest quarterback ever does to stay at the top of his game at 39 with the potential to play at that top until he’s 45!

It’s a great article highlighting what arguably (and it’s not a tough argument) the greatest quarterback ever does to stay at the top of his game at 39 with the potential to play at the level until he’s 45!
No one has ever played football better, for longer, than Tom Brady; and it should not surprise you that he’s not only a model citizen for living a performance lifestyle, it’s what he emphasizes that matters most.

You can learn from this, even if you’ve never even stepped on a football field and know nothing about the game.

What’s your game in life, business, maybe even a sport? That’s the questions. We are all athletes, and if you adopted this mindset and the lifestyle performance skills you’ll learn here, you would see yourself rise too. 


Sixteen years ago, the New England Patriots finished in last place with a 5-11 record. The following season, a 24-year-old backup quarterback and former 6th-round draft pick helped guide the Patriots to their first Super Bowl title in franchise history (pictured below). After making his NFL starting debut on September 30, 2001, Tom Brady has never looked back.

Now 39 years old, Brady has the chance to bring a fifth championship trophy home to New England. No quarterback has ever won five Super Bowls before (Brady, Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw are each tied for the most with four). Brady already owns the record for Super Bowl appearances by a quarterback, with six.

Earlier this season, Brady passed Peyton Manning (200) and Brett Favre (199) for the most all-time victories by a QB, now at 205 and counting. His 14-2 Patriots just captured the AFC East division title for a record eighth straight year, but their streak is much more impressive than that. Since Brady first took over the starting job in 2001, New England has had the best record in the division every season (tiebreakers kept the Patriots from being awarded division championships in 2002 and 2008).

Over the past 16 years, New England has averaged slightly more that 12 victories per regular season (12.25 to be exact). To put that in perspective, six NFL franchises have never had a single 12-win season in that time.

Including the playoffs, Brady has a career record of 205-61. His .771 winning percentage is easily the best for QBs who’ve played more than one full season in the league. Brady has won 144 more games than he’s lost–only four other quarterbacks have ever won 144 games, total (Manning, Favre, John Elway and Dan Marino).

Additionally, Brady has never had a year where he threw at least 15 interceptions. For comparison, Manning did it nine times, Marino 10 and Favre 14.

While fans of Manning, Favre, and Montana might argue who the best quarterback of all time is, there’s no question that Brady is better at his age than anyone has ever been before. Montana retired at age 38. Favre played till he was 41, but in his age-39 season, he led the league with 22 interceptions. Manning retired last year at 39, and while his team won the Super Bowl his injury-plagued season featured just nine touchdown passes and 17 INTs.

And 39-year-old Brady?

Physically, Brady looks fitter now than when he entered the NFL.

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What Denver Broncos Coach Kubiak’s Sudden Retirement Can Teach Us About Lifestyle

My good friend and associate Shawn Phillips, a pioneer in fields of performance lifestyle, and known as the Philosopher of FIT (focused intensity training) penned an amazing article on the implications of Coach Kubiak’s recent retirement as head coach of the Denver Broncos.

It’s revealing, to say the least, and leaves us wondering what might have been if Coach Kubiak could have expanded his awareness and development and seen another way to stay in his position of leadership that didn’t drive him into the ground.

I took the liberty to edit where a quote from me that was paraphrased.

Enjoy the read and here is the original article on My Strength For Life.

Much gratitude and respect for a job well done to coach Kubiak.

As you may have heard, Gary Kubiak (aka Kube’s), coach of the World Champion Denver Broncos, stepped down. Retired this week.

No question, by all players and everyone he’s worked with, Kube’s is a good a human as you’re gonna find anywhere. Certainly the NFL. And he’s done a hell of a job for his two years at the helm here in Denver.

By all surface accounts, Kube’s retirement looks like a typical story: An ever-mildly aging coach has a few health issues and just decides it’s time to hang up the whistle.

Makes perfect sense. Right. Well… maybe a little too much so.


Let me tell you, as a coach, a student and an advocate for men; and of course a man not much younger than Coach Kube’s, there is a vital lesson hidden in this seemingly ordinary walk-away. One that every over 40-year-old man had best understand.

It’s a pattern. A programmed way of being and justifiably achieving that we—both men and society—have so thoroughly accepted, for so long, we don’t even see it. It’s only become so ordinary, even expected, that when another 48-year-old man drops dead on his fifth sales call this week, we don’t even notice it.

We eulogize the loss. We celebrate their spirit and drive, and yet we never bat an eye at the obvious pathology playing out here. The one killing father’s, brothers, and sons all across this country—every damn day.

Think about this. By the time a man loses a battle with cancer, we’ve tried like hell to save him. We’ve invested loads of money and will raise more money to find a cure. We fight and fight and learn.

A man drops dead from his “life, ” and we mourn and shake our heads. And life moves on.

Unless you’ve read my Owners MANual to Living Your 40’s at Full Strength or listened to my podcasts, chances are you still have no idea what the elephant in the room is… Aka what it is that is taking men down.

And what is has to do with Coach Kubiak…

Most people call it “drive,” the will to win. Another name is “performance addiction.” The inability and unwillingness to put self-care before success and sacrifice. A “macho” strength and invincibility.

I know, you’re already thinking, “Wow, that sounds cool! Noble shit…”

Yep, you’re right. That’s the story. This is the stuff of myth, of books, of life that boys are raised to men on. All the best warriors die.

And as a result, for all the selfish, ignorant, stupidity that men can bring to life they are strongly inclined to take care of themselves last. You know, “women and children first.” Which equals, men die.

This drive for achievement, to be enough, to give everything you’ve got is celebrated throughout life. And it usually only causes a few relationship issues up through your 30’s. Hell, it even works to get ahead—sometimes.

Then you turn 40… the game changes and so do you.

At your best, you don’t have an extra 10,000 KW of excess energy to waste every day. Your ability to remain so focused that you forget to eat, is no longer your ally. The overall lack of self-care, your shitty diet, your desire to live like you’re 29 until you die is delivering you all too quickly. Yet, perform you do. Because it’s what you do.

A health scare or two. The annual diet attempt. A few weeks—maybe a month of consistent working out and you are feeling so much better that you go back to the old way.

Now, carrying the “midlife” scarlet letter, other factors are driving you. No longer is it just your desire to win but the fear of losing. Youth wants to take your job away. Time is causing you stress.

Rather than stepping into the middle third of life awake at the wheel and in control, most men arrive more resolute to stick their head in the sand and mash their foot to floor, than ever.

It’s like trying to get your car unstuck from a snowbank by flooring it. Makes for good sound effects but that’s about all.

I recall studying the fate of top executives and high-powered CEOs years ago. I can’t recall the exact number but it was something in the 80% range, that once retired, were divorced within a year.

Why? Because their spouse had set up a life without them. And when the “boss” retired he came home to a place he’d never been and interrupted what was otherwise a pretty good life.

This is the ultimate example of The Performance Addict. Perform, perform, perform… and then I’ll have a life one day. He is all performance, no life. He figures he’s got time to make up for it later. He’ll sacrifice for the kids now, and they’ll love him later.


                                                                      Performance or Lifestyle = Fail | In Harmony Win!

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Why Smart People Make Dumb Decisions

Decision-making is a vital, inescapable part of our lives. We make hundreds of personal and professional decisions on any given day, but how do some people make better choices than others?

Why do some leaders just seem to have it all together, while others make one bad decision after another?

Right decisions breed success, energize staff, and build leading companies. Bad decisions promote mistakes and failure. The worse you make them, the less likely that you will build a great organization.

Many factors play into individuals’ decisions, such as:

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