Start Thinking Like an Athlete, It Will Transform Your Life In 4 Ways

Here’s an excerpt from The Rise of a New Lifestyle. It has to do with you waking up to the fact that “if you have a body, you are an athlete.”

That’s a quote from Bill Bowerman, founder of Nike.

You’re wearing the clothes, now just imagine if you had the lifestyle that goes with it!

In beholds the proactive seed, the spark, and the identity of those people who optimize the way they live for energy, health, and performance. When you starting thinking like an “enlightened” athlete, whether you are into sports or not at present or ever, you’ll be amazed what happens, especially when you know how

This is the essential insight for driven business professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, executives, and managers, people like you who typically have families and potentially athletic or creative pursuits to boot, that will enable you to begin living balanced and healthy, performance lifestyles.

You see, we’re not just stepping up our game here as we hear so often, we’re leveling up our style of play so we can: 

  • Get free of hidden lifestyle challenges like excess stress and energy deficits too and begin living with optimal energy levels,
  • Heal the painful disconnect between energy, health, and performance, and
  • Better achieve even our most ambitious goals with the endurance and quality of life we need and want in the process.

Personal and professional performance starts with learning how to live with optimal energy levels so that high-level health and sustained function is possible. 

This energy-rich performance we’re pointing to is not the result of a new series of motivating thoughts, or simply something you swallow, eat or drink… or for that matter, just getting a little extra sleep here and there; as if, your lifestyle where something operating in parallel to how you achieve your goals. It’s not.

It’s the result of:

  1. Understanding Energy: the secret science of harnessing optimal energy so that you understand where “vitality” comes from and how to avoid prolonged periods of fatigue.Too many of us have gotten soft and fragile because we’ve been working against what our evolved biology requires for strength. When you learn this energy blueprint, you will finally begin to understand how you really need to operate as a human being if you want abundant energy.
  2. The Core Lifestyle Routines: everyone (97% or more) either doesn’t know or lives out of alignment with the cycles that give rise to life force (energy) leaving them with at least a low-grade fatigue that is distracting and holding them back.Fatigue is an example of a hidden lifestyle challenge and to get out of it, requires an understanding of what we call Performance Living 101, the secrets of living with optimal energy levels.
  3. Living Balanced and Healthy Successfully: These are no longer fluffy words the wellness world can throw around.Balanced, means you have a wide enough array of lifestyle skills to approach life by taking the right steps, at the right level, with the right level of intensity and consistently so that you reach your goals without burning out.  Like links in a chain, every essential link is strong, and power is the result.Healthy means your lifestyle does not directly promote disease, like the way so many people do with the way they eat (for example) … every day. To live balanced and healthy successfully you’ve got to optimize your lifestyle and nutrition is only 8.3% of the lifestyle equation.
  4. Focusing on Performance: People wake up to be successful every day, not balanced and healthy. That’s the given, and we must be skillful at achieving our goals—what we are up to in our lives, with our families, in our career’s and businesses and potentially a challenge or sport, creative pursuit or cause—without trading our health and wellbeing for it.All of these layers of development will form your lifestyle and your lifestyle all about how you achieve your goals.

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To learn how to live with optimal energy levels start with learning how to Regenerate Your Life Force.

Powered by Principle

In a performance lifestyle, you are powered by principle. No, not idealism; you reap the rewards of seeming superpowers because you are in alignment with how the universe, nature… works.


Here is a great article by Benjamin Hardy.

You don’t control the outcomes of your life.

You don’t control how other people will respond to you.

You don’t control your health.

You don’t control how much money you make.

Principles control these things.

Said Dr. Stephen R. Covey, “We control our actions, but the consequences that flow from those actions are controlled by principles.”

If you consistently put unhealthy foods in your body, your body will become unhealthy. Your body is a natural system governed by principles.

If you don’t pay the price to develop your mind with consistent learning, your mind will become dull and unclear. Your mind is a natural system governed by principles.

In his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Dr. Stephen Covey defines a principle as “a natural law of gravity. It’s different than a value. Values are subjective; principles are objective. Gravity… if you drop something, gravity controls.”

Most people cram for tests while in college. But can you cram if you’re a farmer? Can you forget to plant in the spring, slack-off all summer, and then work hard during the fall?

Of course not. A farm is a natural system governed by principles.

So are you.

The law of the harvest is always in effect. What you plant, you must harvest. Furthermore, what you plant consistently over time eventually yields a compounded or exponential harvest.

You often don’t experience the consequences of your actions immediately, which can be deceiving. If you smoked one cigarette, you probably wouldn’t get cancer. If you spent $10 on coffee just one day, it probably wouldn’t affect your financial life. However, over time, these habits have drastic outcomes. It turns out, $10 daily over 50 years at 5% compounding interest becomes $816,000. Your coffee habit may really be costing you.

Given the choice, which would you rather have: $1,000,000 in your pocket right now or a penny that doubles in value for 31 days?

Most people would choose the million. However, the doubling penny actually ends up being $10.7 million dollars. Yet, the majority of the growth happens at the very end, and most people aren’t patient enough for the big return. The live for the moment culture of today stops people from investing.

Here is where the notion of “over-night” success comes from. Anything on an exponential curve looks small at the beginning. When you first start a habit, the effects are minor. However, over time, they become major. Thus, out-of-nowhere, someone emerges onto the scene. What you didn’t see were the years of consistent preparation that got them there. Principles govern…

The same holds true of the reverse. Obesity, debt, identity confusion, broken marriages. These things are governed by principles, the compounded effect of daily decisions.

Small things become big things, always.

Your Entire Life Is Preparation

It is for this reason that everything you do matters. Principles, like gravity, are in control. You can’t escape them. The people you spend your time with. The way you save or spend, your money. The things you put in your body. The information you put in your head.

Garbage in, garbage out. Quality in, quality out. You control your behavior, principles control the outcomes. Although this may be terrifying to some, I find this reality to be completely liberating. The challenge: learn and apply correct principles.

Although you don’t control the outcomes, you can become adept at predicting the outcomes of your behavior. In this way, you are the designer of your destiny. You choose the effect governing principles will have on you. Do what is right, let the consequence follow.

If you cultivate amazing daily habits, you can be assured a fruitful harvest.

If you read good books every day, over time you will experience exponential changes in the way you think.

If you go to bed and rise early every day, over time you will experience exponential changes in your energy levels.

If you eat healthily and exercise every day, over time you will experience exponential changes in your body.

If you plant big dreams and do the work toward them daily, over time you will experience exponential progress toward your dreams.

If you’re thoughtful and kind in your relationships daily, over time you’ll have incredible relationships.

Consistency is the key.

According to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, a natural tendency of any isolated system is to degenerate into a more disordered state. Thus, if you don’t maintain and continue to improve, you will naturally be in a state of decline. An unattended garden will always grow weeds. Likewise, your natural tendency is to atrophy and die — physically, spiritually, financially, and in every other way.

Who you are at this present moment is the product of principles in action.

Are You Getting Better?

Are you in a state of decay or are you paying the price to improve?

Did you work harder today than you did yesterday?

Did you focus better, or worse?

Did you eat healthier?

Were you more kind and considerate?

Is the fire burning within you — your why — brighter and bigger, or dimmer and smaller?

Without being conscious and purposeful about these things, you will naturally decline.

Every day is practice. Everything you do is training. Every area of your life affects every other area of your life. When you begin making improvements in one area, all other areas will be affected.

Today is practice. Right now, you’re training.

Everything is training.

Call To Action

Are you proactive? If so, check out my 7-page checklist of the most effective morning activities.

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Using Holiday time to Ready and Prepare Yourself

We hope you are having a great Thanksgiving Day Weekend and enjoying the relatively slower pace that the nation resorts to during this holiday in particular.

By far, Thanksgiving’s a favorite holiday indeed, probably because it creates a five-day weekend essentially without all the pressure of buying presents, ceremonies and the like.

It’s a holiday of harvesting, cooking, eating, and sharing with gratitude and resting. It’s also a transformative festival that sets us up for the final stretch of the year, which is not known to be as tranquil.

It’s all how you play it.

In Performance Lifestyle’s training, also known as PL365, an approach to life that uses the metaphor of athletics to guide one’s way of life as an essential characteristic; knowing where you are in the year, anticipating what’s ahead and being proactive, so you’re ready and prepared is important.

Performance Lifestyle is rooted in the premise that we are always preparing for events in our life, similar to how athletes approach the “peaking” for the events they play in throughout the year.

Well, it turns out Thanksgiving is a perfectly postured 3-5 day weekend to rest and recover, reflect on the year past and contemplate the year ahead.

One thing we want is to use this opportune moment wisely. What you don’t want to do, is let this simply be a holiday weekend where you’re stuffing your face, eating leftovers and engaging in merely shopping and watching football games.

All fun things to do no doubt, to some degree; but is your purpose in life bigger than your need for mere entertainment?

What are you up to, and what needs to be accomplished so that you end this year, resolved and evolved, ready to achieve your goals in 2017, even if what you need to accomplish is just getting more rest.

That is what separates the pro from the amateur year-end. Yes, healthy high-achieving people enjoy the holidays, but we find the balance between getting immersed in the festivities and taking care of ourselves, our bodies and our lives while preparing for the year ahead.

That cannot wait until January 1st. If you do wait to close out the year properly, those who are ready will be off to a much stronger and faster start in the New Year, than you. You’ll not only feel that, but you’ll still be recovering from the Holidays and I’m confident that you’ll be feeling that too.

So, to start the year fast, you’ve got to finish the current year strong, to borrow a term from a mentor, Gary Ryan Blair who runs the 100 Day Challenge, which I highly suggest you participate in for at least the first quarter of 2017.

We use this during all four quarters of the year. We’ll mention this again end of December.

To finish the year strong:

1.     Make sure you get lots of rest during the final month of this year. That means to take advantage of the holidays as a preparatory period for the New Year. Don’t just exhaust yourself and then have to recover in January.

2.     Reflect on the year past, contemplate what happened in the year past, where you need to improve and how that will occur in 2017.

3.     Clarify that one resolution you’ll make, that one key accomplishment or achievement in 2017, which once completed, will help resolve many others issues in your life so that you have greater focus, not diluted focus.

4.     Finish the year’s activities, ideally with 1-2 weeks to spare and shift into a different mode, don’t worry, the New Year will be plenty busy. This break will make you more intentional during the rest of November and the first half of December.

5.     Be grateful for everything. In the spirit of this Thanksgiving Weekend, have gratitude for everything that’s happened in the past year, and before it, and what will happen from this moment forward so you have your best year ever.

As my friend and optimal living mentor Brian Johnson communicated when reviewing an insightful book, ” It’s all good mental training.”

The Myth of Motivation Part One

It’s safe to say that a good portion of us today do not realize how tired we are or how it’s affecting our ability to function and perform at the level we want to be. We want to look and feel better too, like the much younger person we remember ourselves to be, but we just don’t have enough energy.

Not only do most of us not know how much energy we actually have access to, or how to access it proactively; but on the shadow-side, we don’t realize how many mental and physical conditions are caused by or affected by low energy reserves, due to all the bad habits that the fatigue gives rise to.

I’m not just talking about the energy we create from food, but the energy we need to do even that, which we’ll never have enough of if we are over stressed, without the needed space and time to power up each day.

In this post, I’m going to delve into The Myth of Motivationwhy psychology can’t cover up, or overcome fatigue for long and what to do about it so you have the natural energy and motivation you need to succeed.

Think about every time you run into your bad habits.
Sure, you may not know better, need to learn and build a new and improved lifestyle habit; this is normal and natural. We are in the business of helping people establish new lifestyle routines that deliver the results they want here at Performance Lifestyle Inc. We do this so that driven, goal and success-oriented people can maintain higher levels of balance, health, and personal performance and avoid being distracted or held back by the hidden lifestyle challenges.

“Lifestyle challenges” are those conditions that build such as overwhelm, exhaustion and poor eating habits that cause the common diseases of lifestyle; in particular, constant fatigue; a condition that is typical amongst achievers.

But there is something you need to address before you can be consistently successful at building new habits and that is your energy level. Your energy levels are more responsible for why you engage in bad habits than you realize. See why smart people make dumb decisions.

At the root level, bad habits, beyond the fact that the modern market seems to specialize in creating them, are engaged in mostly because you’re tired and in need of a stimulating pleasure hit. It’s not simply because you didn’t have the original motive to take a better action.

One only needs to look at the proverbial treadmill that’s gathering dust while you eat cereal in front of the TV to acknowledge that. It’s not because you weren’t interested in getting in shape. You are. You’re just not motivated because you are tired or fatigued.

What is that “something” that keeps a person motivated?

To answer that question, we need to understand the anatomy of the word motivation. Keep it in mind here forward. “Motive” —is the reason why we are doing something. “Ation”— is the suffix added to the word “motive” and it means the action or process of doing something and doing something, anything for a sustained period requires energy.

You may have your reason why you want to do something, but if your reason is not compelling enough or you don’t have enough energy, acting on your motive will be doubtful. And therefore, you’ll have less motivation. Your energy level also affects every other human function necessary to take action and can accentuate fear, resistance and the like if it’s too low.

You see motivation is more than psychology alone, it’s the interaction of thought and energy that creates motivation. Yet, nine times out of ten, experts will default to psychology and emotional work to deal with what’s being caused by low-grade fatigue promoting dysfunction. I see this all the time.

So what do you do?  Read more

What Everybody Ought to Know About Meditation and Stress

Do you meditate?

If you want to thrive and live with a high level of success and happiness, but you’re not meditating, I’ve got some news for you. You’re missing one big key to the kingdom.

If you’re reading this article, here in Health Science, you’ve probably had some powerful experiences of inner peace already. Moments when your mind went quiet, your soul settled down, and you lived life from a deeper center.

But let’s be honest. For someone who may be striving for a higher level of achievement and fulfillment in their life, flashes of peace aren’t enough for you to live into your full potential. Stress tends to have its way with us, distract and hold us back, especially when we get tired and our thinking goes awry.

You might have influence and authority, you may even be rich, but without the ability to center your mind, focus your being, and sink into stillness, you’re missing the secret sauce that at once relieves stress, while enabling you to live from a position of strength no matter what’s going on in your life.


Read more

Performance Edge Experience

The world of business is evolving at an ever faster pace; it is up to entrepreneurs, business owners, and high-growth leaders to be selective about where they place their attention, and to make solid life/workstyle choices to stay strong and sustainable.

Events and conferences are always a great way to blend work and networking. But sometimes an event comes around that can dramatically improve your life and business for the better—forever.

Here are 7 reasons why the Performance Edge Experience™ can take your entrepreneurial journey to new heights.

  1. It’s not your typical entrepreneurial development workshop. A typical entrepreneurial development workshop talks only about how to start, run and grow a business. What these programs fail to teach an entrepreneur is how to do so without burning out!

    At the Performance Edge Experience, we take it up a notch by teaching the Optimal Performance State—the mindset and the skill set required for us to meet all the challenges we face while running and growing a business.

    We show you how to maintain an Optimal Performance State in your day-to-day life—consistently, not just every once in a while.

  2. Discover the “Performance Lifestyle” for entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurship is the only profession besides professional athletics that requires such an intensive investment of time, energy, soul, and psychology to achieve your goals. That’s why in the Performance Edge Experience you’ll learn the inside performance secrets of elite athletes as applied to high-achieving business professionals like yourself.

    You’ll also learn the three most essential ways to unleash even more of your company’s potential—both individually and for your team—to actualize your business goals.

  1. Renew your personal power, purpose and focus. This one-day workshop initiates a crucial integration process between your lifestyle and your goals.

    In this workshop, you won’t find another continental breakfast of donuts and coffee along with a lecture on potentially potent ideas that fall flat because you just can’t implement them. You’ll directly experience the process of renewing your personal power and the elements that harness and direct your energy.

  2. Learn compelling frameworks that have been tested, used and recommended by seasoned entrepreneurs to successfully scale their ventures with quality of life in the process.

    General business planning tends to be static and status quo.  Without the right models and frameworks, your efforts lead to “average” and burnout. What you’ll learn in the Performance Edge Experience will help you become extraordinary and turn “pro” in more ways than one.

  1. Establish ongoing performance support. Even the most seasoned business pros are challenged by today’s performance demands, both personally and professionally.

    Performance Entrepreneurship is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, because the emphasis is on (a) strengthening what’s working and (b) stabilizing, by filling in the gaps to get things working better—in both your own lifestyle and in the workings of your company. This takes specialized insights targeted to entrepreneurs, from experienced pros who have faced the same challenges and have bridged those gaps.

    At the Performance Edge Experience, you’ll learn about the future of performance support, with brief insights into the Performance Entrepreneur 

  1. Get up close and personal with NJ industry influencers—and meet your peers in person. One of the best perks of attending a regional event is the chance to meet local industry influencers living on the leading edge. At the Performance Edge Experience you’ll have this opportunity.

    Listening to podcasts and blogs is great, but nothing really beats a face-to-face personal experience where you get to chat and practice with people you want to meet.

    Entrepreneurs are definitely a different breed; it’s always refreshing to meet people as passionate and driven are you are about creating   the future. These connections can also help you with accountability or serve as a sounding board for new ideas.

    The power of being around like-minded entrepreneurs and learning transparently is a driving force behind resolving challenges, evolving with new skills, and achieving your goals.

7.  Regenerate—and enjoy. You’ll have fun and renew yourself with a transformational yet restorative day that will prepare you for the journey ahead!

Learn more about the Performance Edge Experience at

You, an Athlete? Part 3

What if you could see yourself as the star athlete of your one precious life…and more importantly, live like that, consistently?

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You, an Athlete? Part 1

You’ve got a lot going on in life. Not just the crush of day-to-day busy-ness that we all experience as entrepreneurs, business professionals, and working parents. You’re up to big things with your work, your purpose, your creativity. You’re committed to greatness. And you need to perform at your very best to be up to the task.

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Performance is a Lifestyle

Performance Lifestyle is ultimately the antithesis of the performance addicted life, which we have identified as a root cause of why people, especially high-achievers have difficulty taking care of themselves, their bodies and their lives; to live that balanced and healthy life we hear so much about but so few actually experience. Read more

Stress is Made Worse by Low Energy and Not Enough Money

Performance Living 101, the precursor to living a balanced and healthy performance lifestyle, says… you don’t want to be distracted and held back by hidden challenges created by your own lifestyle. In a Performance Lifestyle, we master the lifestyle mindset and skill set to achieve our real goals in life and business… it’s about waking up to be successful every day so pay, for instance, is ultimately not an issue.

According to Susan Adams some 83% of American workers say they feel stressed out by their jobs, up from 73% a year ago, according to a new study by Harris Interactive for Everest College. The No. 1 reason workers feel stressed, according to the survey: low pay. This is the third year of the survey and the third year that less- than-adequate paychecks were the top stressor for workers. The study was conducted by phone among 1,000 adults between Feb. 21 and March 3.

While pay was the biggest source of stress last year, the percentage of workers who pegged it at No. 1 rose this year, from 11% to 14%. This year unreasonable workload also ranked as a top stressor, with 14% saying they had too much to do, up from 9% last year. Annoying coworkers and commuting tied for the next-most-stressful parts of the job, at 11%. The next-worst stressor was working in a job that was not the person’s chosen career (8%), poor work-life balance (7%), lack of opportunity for advancement (6%) and fear of being fired (4%).

“More companies are hiring, but workers are still weary and stressed out from years of a troubled economy that has brought about longer hours, layoffs and budget cuts,” said John Swartz, regional director of career services at Everest College, in a statement. Though the unemployment rate has ticked down to 7.6% from 8.2% a year ago, the picture for people who might want to look for a new job hasn’t improved. As of January 2013, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were three unemployed people for each job opening, roughly the same number as a year ago.

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