Stress is Made Worse by Low Energy and Not Enough Money

Performance Living 101, the precursor to living a balanced and healthy performance lifestyle, says… you don’t want to be distracted and held back by hidden challenges created by your own lifestyle. In a Performance Lifestyle, we master the lifestyle mindset and skill set to achieve our real goals in life and business… it’s about waking up to be successful every day so pay, for instance, is ultimately not an issue.

According to Susan Adams some 83% of American workers say they feel stressed out by their jobs, up from 73% a year ago, according to a new study by Harris Interactive for Everest College. The No. 1 reason workers feel stressed, according to the survey: low pay. This is the third year of the survey and the third year that less- than-adequate paychecks were the top stressor for workers. The study was conducted by phone among 1,000 adults between Feb. 21 and March 3.

While pay was the biggest source of stress last year, the percentage of workers who pegged it at No. 1 rose this year, from 11% to 14%. This year unreasonable workload also ranked as a top stressor, with 14% saying they had too much to do, up from 9% last year. Annoying coworkers and commuting tied for the next-most-stressful parts of the job, at 11%. The next-worst stressor was working in a job that was not the person’s chosen career (8%), poor work-life balance (7%), lack of opportunity for advancement (6%) and fear of being fired (4%).

“More companies are hiring, but workers are still weary and stressed out from years of a troubled economy that has brought about longer hours, layoffs and budget cuts,” said John Swartz, regional director of career services at Everest College, in a statement. Though the unemployment rate has ticked down to 7.6% from 8.2% a year ago, the picture for people who might want to look for a new job hasn’t improved. As of January 2013, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were three unemployed people for each job opening, roughly the same number as a year ago.

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Manage Your Energy Not Just Your Time

There’s been a popular mantra surfacing in the past 10 years or so: “Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time.” It’s a major step in the right direction and it lifted the lid on the need to focus on personal energy management, but it’s flawed. One doesn’t manage their energy or their time, they manage both. Read more

Performance Lifestyle Podcast #1

Performance Addiction, it’s the dangerous new and arguably pervasive syndrome that can undermine your need for balance, let alone, ruin your life. It’s more common than you think and the reason is, it’s masked in our culture; often as a “good thing!” Can you imagine that, an addiction that drives people out of balance, in some cases non-stop and potentially into a dangerous downward spiral, is more often than not applauded, rewarded and reinforced in our modern world?

Well believe it, it’s happening and it might be happening in you. But before you even conjure up images in your mind of another invented problem that of course must have a solution, consider these questions.

  1. Have you ever had a story playing in your head that you were going to  look, feel and perform better than your mom or your dad; better than your friend, or a reigning champion, your boss, your enemy etc…?
  2. Have you ever compared yourself to others, and had thoughts of working, or working out harder than ever before to prove that you can come out on top or at least garner the same level of status, respect or admiration?

I ask these questions almost rhetorically, because the answers are likely yes. And if you’ve answered yes, then this is a podcast on the performance addicted life might seriously benefit you. By the way, I use the terms like “almost” and “likely” because while these human psychologies are common that does not mean that you are suffering from Performance Addiction.

What is performance addiction and how can you get free of the burnout it can create, especially as an entrepreneur, business owner and driven business professional?

Performance Addiction is a mental state where talented people mask their vulnerabilities through their capabilities.

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Make the Ultimate Resolution

The world is abuzz in the month of January about the correct way to set New Year’s Resolutions and achieve our goals in 2016.

Reading articles, attending a webinar or participating in a program on how to best achieve your goals throughout the year is a great idea because it’s the fine-tuned distinctions in how we see and approach things that can make all the difference in the world. There is so much good information and opportunity available. It can save you time, money, and your quality of life. It’s also relevant to achieving your goals in life, business, a sport or creative endeavor.

Two people I know who do great goals training for your best or greatest year ever are Michael Hyatt and Brian Johnson. Check’ em out. We often refer to Brian Johnson in many capacities because he does such a brilliant job of publishing Philosophers Notes on some of the best books on optimal living available.

As a transformational, performance education and training company; in this first post on the new PerformanceLifestyle blog and podcast feed we’re talking about just that; achieving our goals in the year ahead. After all, that’s what we naturally wake up to do every day as parents, driven business professionals, managers in high growth organizations and as entrepreneurs who are at the early stage of growing our businesses. We all want to learn how to maximize our potential and the potential of those whom we work and live with to build a strong foundation right from the get-go. The question is more about how we do that?

Resolutions could not be a better place to start our conversation and learning.

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