If you have a body you are an athlete, live your life like a pro

What it Means to Live Your Life Like a Pro. Like an Athlete

Live your life like a pro. 

Is that just a motivational saying? We’ve been hearing “like a pro” a lot on everything from car commercials to products of every kind to represent the idea of doing things at our best, to the highest levels as our performance culture swings into full gear.

I love the campaign from GMC around Living Like a Pro. Watch it here.

This is a term you will hear a lot about here to at Performance Lifestyle [PL] but for a deep and specific reason, not merely marketing. Its origin comes from where the whole idea of living a performance lifestyle came from, in professional athletics, which underscores a commitment to a way of life that directly links your lifestyle with your success in life, and broadly that’s what we’re all about; living your life like a pro.

But what if, in the marketing of performance lifestyle, you see images about athletes, and you’re not an athlete right now, meaning, you don’t participate in sports and aren’t even a fitness enthusiast?

Many people coming into a performance lifestyle, while they can relate to the whole idea of why athletes and other healthy, high-achieving people perform, look and feel the way they do, living their lives “like a pro,” are “driven and drained,” tired, suffering from fatigue, etc. So the whole idea of thinking and living like an athlete may at first feel a little daunting and they may walk away and say “this is not for me.”

But keep in mind that athletes are regular people too, and they too get run down. Here’s a great story I saw recently from a Tour De France Cyclist that goes into the very common experience we help parents, business professionals, and creative artists often get out of. It’s the downward spiral because we don’t pay attention to the signs and symptoms of overworking, in the same way, an athlete may be overtraining (as that is there work).

It’s a really telling article and I like the way it references the very real downward spiraling experience, not only a world-class athlete can go through, but everyday achievers often go through regularly through overwork, and over engagement.

The primary problem we are solving is fatigue, helping people recover from excess stress, and then, learn the skills, to live in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind while achieving even their most ambitious goals.

Athletics is not just a source of inspiration from the one population that directly links their lifestyle with their, energy, health, performance and success in life; but athletic insights point to the fact that we are all athletes and can also learn from what sports athletes can teach us.

We are not trying to convert people into competitive athletes; we are in part teaching how athletes approach life. This helps people transition from going on diets and trying to stick to workout programs and wedge the latest information from all the health and fitness magazines out there to make up for what are lifestyle issues, towards installing the mindset and skill set to thrive. Ref: the Performance Lifestyle mindset and skillset.

We are using the metaphor and experience of athletics to have people start thinking and living like an athlete, or “like a pro,” for a transformation in outlook with a more natural way to live to boot. Once could say that living a “performance lifestyle” is living the natural experience of life, proactively.

Athletes are regular people too, they just have a different game than say a small business owner or executive that most of us can relate to because we “watch” them play and many of us have athletic experience from back in our school days.

If you remember, athletics is where true performance is desired and supported and is not confused with productivity (results) alone, as it is in most non-athletic environments. It’s also model to begin employing the full gamut of performance mindset and lifestyle skills for better results in our lives.

What we call Performance Lifestyle, a good percentage of athletes don’t even know, succeeding in spite of having an optimal lifestyle; which is why we are also serving people with recreational or sporting pursuits as well. Regardless of what you are up to, the lifestyle science, principles, and practices are the same, only the strategy for you will change. For example, many athletes lose their performance edge, because just like non-athletes their sleep is compromised daily.

They may be pros but they are not living like pros, out of alignment with the fundamentals of successful living.

Living your life like-a-pro simply means:

  • That for perhaps the first time in your life, you are going to set standards, boundaries, rule, goals, etc for how you live, starting with how you sleep and live with optimal energy levels. That statement is huge, with so much packed into it, as simple as it sounds. Even elite athletes need to learn more about this.
  • You will also start to learn the optimal performance state so that you get free of all the wasted time so many of us invest in thinking that leads to depression, distraction, and difficulty. Thinking that’s mired in criticism, comparison, and competitiveness (not the sporting kind or healthy levels in business and life that reward the person who is prepared) that ultimately suffocate the idea of living a lifestyle that supports you and what you’re up to in the world.
  • And ultimately, you end up living a lifestyle that supports you and what you are up to in the world. That’s a Performance Lifestyle. It’s inspired, educated and support, dynamic, and resilient. It’s knowing what to do, how to do it and why, so you do it at the level, intensity, and consistency that meets your needs and delivers your wants.

Is uniquely yours. And that’s living your life like a pro.

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